Election POLL Citizen Observer Patrol

Transparency is the key to deterring fraud and ensuring free and fair elections for all voters. If you are unable to work as a formal poll watcher or poll worker, you can still contribute to election transparency by using this guide, and the associated forms linked below.

*New feature coming soon!
A county based observer scheduler, that allows
voulnteers to see when observers are needed and where.

Election Day &
Early In-Person Voting

On election day, or during early voting, please review and fill in the simple form as you go through the voting process.
First, spend a few moments observing the environment outside the polling station. Read through the questions before going into the polling station.


The overall fairness of an election cannot be determined solely by considering what occurs on election day. There are a number of other factors which can affect citizens and political parties' ability to participate effectively in the democratic process. It is possible for citizen observers to develop a general impression of the election environment in their area by talking with voters.

Report Form*

If you witness an election irregularity, malpractice or fraud that could affect the integrity of the election process, please immediately fill in and submit an incident report form. We ask you to include your name, an email address, and a phone number on the form, so that we can follow up if we have additional questions; but your personal information will remain confidential.

Official Poll Watcher*

Reports for Offical Poll Watchers

Election Reform Survey

Please provide your opinion on a few critical election reform issues by clicking the link.

Get Involved

To do more to help ensure election integrity: become a poll watcher or poll worker or join an Election Integrity group in your area.

Information about Election Observation
To learn more about citizen election observation, click the link.

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