Observing Election Day or In-Person Early Voting

First, spend a few moments observing the environment outside the polling station. Read through the questions before going into the polling station. In some areas you may be able to enter responses on your phone while you are going through the voting process, but in other localities, cell phone use inside the polling station may be prohibited. In this case, or if you feel uncomfortable recording responses while in the station, look closely at the process, and record your responses after leaving the station.

1. Are there people inside or near the polling station trying to influence the way people vote through intimidation or threats, or through vote-buying with money or gifts?
2. Is the polling station located in a convenient and politically-neutral location?
3. How long did you have to wait to vote?
4. Are voter IDs of all voters checked to confirm identity before ballots are issued?
5. Had anyone already voted in your name, forcing you to cast a provisional ballot?
6. Are names of voters called out clearly, so they can be heard by party pollwatchers or challengers? (not a requirement in some states)
7. Are any poll watchers, challengers, or other election observers who are present in the polling station allowed to be close enough to observe and verify all aspects of the polling process (except the voter marking their ballot)?
8. Can the voters mark their ballots in secret, without being observed by anyone, including polling station staff and other voters?
9. Are you confident that your vote was recorded accurately?